What Is Facebook Business Manager And Its Advantages?

With over 2.9 billion active users, Facebook is the world's most popular social media platform. We believe it's not surprising that every successful company uses Facebook Business Manager as a part of their toolbox for digital marketing.

Businesses with business pages can increase brand recognition through quality content and promoted posts on Facebook's platform, making it easier to connect with your customers. While it's perfectly acceptable to manage your Facebook pages and ad accounts using an account on your own, it is a bit more complicated when you have 3-4 accounts added.

Additionally, having multiple logins to a single Facebook account could open the chance for a security breach. In this article, we'll discuss what Facebook Business Manager is and why it is essential for companies and agencies to use it.

What Exactly Is Facebook Business Manager?

According to the name, Facebook Business Manager is a tool that allows users to manage several Facebook Pages, including business assets and ad accounts. Facebook Business Manager will enable you to seamlessly distribute tasks among your team members based on their roles.

Digital marketers and companies can connect several client accounts with the Facebook Business Manager account, which is an efficient way to spread the work and safeguard your client's personal information.

Before Business Manager, business owners were required to assign their websites to a single employee (or create an account that was shared with single login), which led to confusion and anxiety for marketers working on digital channels.

Facebook introduced Business Manager to alleviate the issues. It also linked with Instagram business accounts to improve marketing efficiency.

Advantages Of Business Manager

As previously mentioned, Facebook Business Manager has numerous benefits for both companies and agencies, and here we are discussing a few:

1. User-Friendly

Many apps and platforms don't feel user-friendly. However, the good thing is that Facebook Business Manager is incredibly user-friendly and accessible to users without experience managing advertising campaigns or marketing. It allows you to separate your professional and personal profiles, thus eliminating the problem of mixing the accounts of pages and profiles.

2. Accountability

Many employees work on the digital marketing staff, so accountability becomes essential. You must determine the person who can access what information and who is authorized to alter or utilize specific features of the account. Additionally, you can modify or assign permissions in Facebook Business Manager. It will help you to track your team's roles on the Facebook platform.

3. Access Valuable Data

Accessing Facebook Business Manager doesn't only provide access to several Facebook accounts. It also grants you access to pixel data, a small piece of code you can place on your website to record data, increase audience size and track the conversions.

4. Split Testing (A/B test)

The split test is a method of marketing that tests the components of two Facebook advertisements to determine which one provides the most effective outcomes for the campaign when executed correctly. A successful split test could boost the return on investment by 10x. The results of split testing will differ for every business. However, this feature can be a massive tool in the hands of the Facebook Business Manager.

5. Manage Bills Easily

Through Facebook Business Manager's Dashboard setup, it's easy to monitor and control the cost of your invoice. It is possible to manage the billing information for different vendors and clients to determine the spending limits for various marketing campaigns.

6. Control your business with a Business Manager

The best feature of Facebook Business Manager is that it removes that personal aspect, which is particularly important when you own multiple ad accounts or wish to allow other users access to your ad page or account. No doubt, the result is a far more secure method to manage your accounts.

My preferred way to see it is as an umbrella for a business, which takes charge of all the various assets like pages and ad accounts the company owns on Facebook.

Therefore, if you want to let an agency join and help you with your ad account or on your Facebook page, it is not necessary to connect with them on Facebook. Also, you don't need to grant them administrator access to your page. It is not only safer, but it's perfect if you want to keep your professional life as well as your personal life separated.

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Facebook Business Manager can resolve many concerns regarding users' access rights for eCommerce companies. With everything being in one place for company administration, the marketing team can quickly access and comprehend strategies, campaigns, and strategies, among others.

The platform has an arduous learning curve for users who aren't familiar with it. We recommend you buy a business manager account from Affordable BM, train your employees, establish new people policies, run campaigns, etc. The benefits of this platform outweigh the challenges, and it's essential for any online business.

If you have questions or concerns about buying Facebook and Facebook Business Manager accounts, contact our customer support for help.